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Horseware Varilayer Liner 250g Navy/Red 140/190

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The Horseware Vari-Layer Liner is a bottom of smooth polyester and has a 450 grams filling. This blanket is equipped with the Vari-Layer technology. The Vari-layer technology uses extra layers of thermal fiber over the back and hip, which ensures that the heat is retained with less weight. Both the outside and the inside are made of polyester and therefore reduce the risk of abrasion and pressure marks. The blanket has a single chest closure. This Horseware Liner can be attached to various Horseware blankets. Both the Rambo, Amigo and Rhino blankets. These different blankets have the Horseware Liner System, this means that there are additional rings on the blankets where the liners can easily be attached to. In addition, the liner with clips can be attached to the back of the blanket. With this liner you can turn your rain blanket into a warm outdoor winter blanket in no time (Note, not all blankets have this linersystem). The 450 gram filling consists of fiberfill and is made of a hollow polyester filling and is also called 'pile filling'. An important feature of this filling is that it always registers the original thickness and structure. Due to the thermo effect the blanket keeps body heat and the cold outside. The filling consists of several layers, allowing warm air to circulate between the horse and the outer material of the blanket. This provides extra air circulation and absorption of excess body heat. The liners can be washed in a normal washing machine, so you have to wash your outdoor blanket less often, so the waterproof coating and the breathability decrease less quickly. Specifications: Filling: 450, Waterproof: no, Outer fabric: polyester, Inner lining: polyester, Chest closure: Velcro, Belly closure: none, Rear closure: clips, Neck piece: not possible, Liner system: yes, Leg cutouts: yes, Tail flap: no, Fit: short, Available colors: Navy / Red, Size table (top length / bottom length): 115/165, 125/175, 130/183, 140/190, 145/195, 155/205, 160/215, 165/220


A simple system, Horseware Liners give your rug superior insulation properties without the need for two rugs. The liner attaches by Velcro loop to the neck area of the outer rug, and clips onto the back corners to prevent the liner from slipping. It can be easily washed in a domestic washing machine.

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Značka: Rambo
  • 0649982702542
  • Navy
  • Navy - Red
  • 44347902
  • ABAK54-BR00-75

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Horseware Varilayer Liner 250g Navy/Red 140/190